old, yet awesome. I had forgotten the name of it, thank you TS.
Do this:

Draw eyes

A nose

A mouth


R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
This is very interesting
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Look at your guitar. Is it small, stripy, and honey-producing? If so, you might have gotten it mixed up with a bee.

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My last room mate came hoem drunk kicked my door in and proceeded to roll me up into my futon matress. He can go to hell for that.
This is awesome.
Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live

Try to copy paste this into the grid, it worked for me
Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips