okay so i wanted to buy a new V or RR shaped guitar as ive started getting back into metal, but as im a cheap skate i cant afford it, so i figured ill mod my jackson JS30RR as i can do it in bits.

im going to black it out and this includes changing:
the tune-o-matic bridge,
the tone and volume knob,
the 3-way switch,
the machine heads(tuning pegs)
the jackplate,
eventually pickups,
and finally if all else succeeds im going to paint on some badass stripes!

any idea what would be the best paint to use for this and how i would go about doing it cause i have no experience in painting guitars

ill post pics as i go

here is the guitar originally.

sorry for the poor quality guys,
ill be posting more pics as i go along
i may also need some help with installing new pickups so an electrician may come in handy
tone before looks
slap a tone pros bridge in it
put a tusq nut on it with some new tuners, grover non locking or sperzel locking.

As that guitar is passive, put some SDs or or rockfield pickups cause rockfields are cheap.

Then focus on looks.
The guitar will sound better, stay in tune better and have overall improvement if you change them parts.

Also if you ever had the money, don't get the tusq nut and get it buzz feiten'd.