Hey guys!

I am thinking about learning how to Right-Hand Tap, and I just wanted to get a general sense about something:

How long did it take for you to actually tap properly, and have it sounding great and clear?

Thanks guys.
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It just takes some getting used to. It only took me about a month to be able to tap accurately and clearly.
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Depends what you're tapping, and how fast.

I've been playing about 20 months and I can do a lot of tapping patterns at a moderate metal style speed fine.
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I learned the way I learn most new skills; adding said skill into my daily improv routine, aka, my 'practice'. I play and try to incorporate that skill into my playing as best I can. I only recently started trying to tap, about 2-3 weeks ago, and I can do it quite flawlessly now. Learning new skills is fun.
Do you mean with only one finger from your right hand or multiple fingers? Using only one finger is pretty simple and doesn't take too long. 8-finger tapping is much more difficult to do and requires finger independence comparable to what you need for your left hand.
It only took me about a week or so once I decided to learn it. But I also played piano for 12 years before I started on guitar.
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Like Geldin said, it depends very much on the type of tapping. Basic EVH style tapping licks - you can get those down pretty quickly, the hardest thing is probably getting in and out of tapping mode smoothly. String skipping tapped arpeggios - much harder. Tapping with more than one finger - depending on the lick, possibly even harder still.