Just set up my bands myspace page and I wanna spice it up. Anyone have any experience using myspace layouts? like how to use them or were to get some?
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"Fuckin' Myspace layouts.... how do they work?"

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"Fuckin' Myspace layouts.... how do they work?"


Dude, IMO, the coolest MySpace layout is no layout at all. Create good music to make up for it.
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Myspace? people still use that?

Myspace is for bands, Facebook is for people.

Only reason I like myspace still is cause you can look up bands and listen to their music before buying a CD or something.
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Like this: http://www.myspace.com/kalevalametaluk


/self promotion

no offense bro, but it sounds like video game music. also, i don't hear any "folk" in that.

OT i'm pretty sure myspace has the profile 2.0 thing going on so it shouldn't be hard to make it look nice. you just have to mess with it a little bit, trial and error.
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That would be because of your ignorance

If your going to promote your band, you have to accept everyone's opinions, and not call people stuff because they didn't like it.

Cause of that I'm not listening to your band.
if u want it to be like this:


then yeah those are professionals who make em....
theyre not too expensive as long as u already have a logo and have a clear idea what ur layouts gonna be like....
these dudes charge by time... so the more u make em do.. the more expensive...
that is.. if u wanna get a logo made, and have only a vague idea of how ur myspace is gonna be then yeah it's gonna cost way ****in more....

theres many many sites that do this... some include..



just check it out on google and u'll be amazed at how many different companies there are that offer these services...

and a "pocket friendly" version of those sites would be


but if ur just starting out, then ur much better off using realeditor or one of those html based myspace profile editors

much like this..

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We have PM's and profiles for this, not spamming up other peoples threads

Your post is considered spam cause you included the "/self promotion" thing. So you started the spam.

And TS, just google "myspace layouts", go to a site, look around, and it's pretty simple. You click on the layout, copy the code, post it in your about me section, or any section for that matter, hit save, and there you go, a layout.