Me and my mate are trying to start up a band, I play rhythm guitar, he plays lead guitar. We need a drummer and a bassist to complete this though!

Our influences are

Dream Theater

We want to mix a kind of modern Alternative Metal (Deftones) style sound, with a heavy fast rhythm guitar style, and clean sections, and lots of shredding lead work.

So its going to be fast and heavy, but with calmer sections where the Deftones influences will come in.

We are both 16, and will both be 17 next month, so we are looking for members who are around 16-20, but thats just a rough kind of age, we welcome anyone

You need to be able to play in time, and like some of the bands in the influences list!

And we meet up to jam at Station Studios in Arnos Grove, its right near New South-gate rail station, and near the Arnos Grove tube station.

SO if you are interested, just post here, or hit me up on my MSN - Muckypup1@gmail.com

And a bassist who can sing would be good, as we still need a vocalist, but you don't have to be able to sing to join
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