I'm looking for some people interested in making a violent, immature, and just outright outrageous rap outlet. I'm looking for people with a sick sense of humor who are willing to just push limits and can make beats. If you like you could also make some lyrics too.
My main influences for this project is Eminem and Aristotle (Ken Kaniff)
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I can possibly try and write the music Just tell me how you want it

I can also produce

Anything with a good hip hop'ish bass and really old school. Something like NWA or Public enemy.

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Can I send u some mp3s of some of my stuff?


If you guys want to hear the direction of what I'm looking for. Look in my signature at the "Rick Rogers? WTF?"

That's a rap I made up. The backing track is a Public Enemy song.
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my stuff is all old school. i use loops like sly stone and curtis mayfield and all i rap about is pimpin bitches and slaping hoes.

one song is called nortorious p.i.g. about a lady cop i end up pimpin out