Ok my setup is: Guitar into Boss ME-50 board into pc. I have high qauliy headphones into pc so I can hear myself play along to whatever songs I want on the pc all through the headphones. What I want is to maximise the quality of the sound. Note: I am not interested in recording so don't want to pay lots for some expensive recording software/equipment. All I want is to maximise the sound quality I hear through my headphones. Is this a matter of getting a good sound card? I hear people mention pre-amps etc? I'm not up on all the latest technical guitar speak? Is the Boss ME-50 considered a pre-amp or is it just a fx board? hat exactly should I be looking to invest in. Please note I am not interested in expensive recording equipment. The more basic the set-up the better - I just want top end sound quality. Thanks for your time/advice.
Your post contradicts itself in pretty much every sentence. You don't want to spend lots but you do want top end sound quality.

if you want that sound quality you will HAVE to invest in something you can record with. Get an audio interface and play over Amplitube 3 or a program that's similar to that. You can't expect super quality from plugging your FX into the microphone slot of an audio card.
better sound card
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I have M-Audio Studiophile Q 40headphones - think there worth $300 ish so there decent quality. When I say I don't want to spend a lot - I am willing to invest a few hundred if the quality is good but seems pointless spending a few hundred on something that is only woth that because of recording faetures I'm never gonna use and don't want. As I said all I want is to hear good quality sound when pay tru the headphones. Thanks for all replies so far folks
the thing lock posted is pretty much what you want. you just want to be able to hook your ME-50 to the computer, and have whatever comes back out sound good. something like that will do that. you just need an instrument in and headphone out, which is exactly what that thing offers.

it takes the burden off your soundcard and gives you better sounding conversion anyway. the other option would be to run a cable from your computer to the aux jack on the me-50 (i assume this is what that jack is for) and plug the 'phones in the boss unit itself.