Hello EU mates.

So the Euro is looking pretty weak. How do you feel about this?

Personally, I want the D-mark back.
I don't really care all that much, the Euro had a good time, and after good times, bad times always come. Weak Euro is awesome for export actually.
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Well, when it wasintroduced it was about on par with the USD no? If that's the case then it's still ahead of where it started.
As a matter of fact...

the dollar and the pound are weak currencies too,
and the Euro never lost his value until last month,
in fact it is still ahead of the dollar

If the EU countries would work more together, then this problem is going to be solved soon enough
Confident? Yes but in the longer term. Not being able to fiddle with currency is a great discipline on the Euro nations to work together to make other budgetary arrangements, better suited to their needs and wealth. Pumping a lot into one poor economy is nothing because it is only loans and at quite high interest, so as those are paid back the Euro will more than recover and we'll be able to buy non-Euro items at decent prices again. It's all cyclical.
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@Ballsandsacks (and other British guys)
Since you've went decimal pretty recently (while the rest of Europe did it a few centuries ago) then you will probably accept euro around 2300AD, don't worry.

Euro could be even cheaper (while Polish zloty could be stronger), importing guitar stuff from Germany would be pretty cheap then, now it's a pain in the ass because the prices got pretty high.