summer is coming up fast and i need a job. I have a few places to go including a sandwich bar a music store and some other places. how should i ask them if they need help?
You just made this thread.

I am tempted to give you my number as a reference, just so I can tell them about what a twat you are.

JacobTheEdit: Nevermind on the reporting. I am to lazy.
Hello, I'm looking for a job, are your guys hiring?
grok it.


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Sometimes it takes some persistance... I'd first ask if they're hiring - if not, then ask if they'll take an application anyway, just to have it on file. Then call them every few weeks to see if they're hiring yet. They'll eventually get tired of you calling and find some hours for you.
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Print off CVs. Walk around, ask for the manager, tell them that you're looking for a summer job and if you can hand in your CV. Some will accept your CV but throw it away, some will refuse to take it, and the very small percentage will actually look at it and call you back.

In today's world, you'll need to know for definite that they're hiring, or else know someone high up in a company / shop.
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