When I'm picking through scales and solo parts, I often anchor my right hand with the pinky against the pickguard--kindof like the kickstand on a bike. It seems to help me play with more control and speed.

I'm wondering whether this is considered "bad technique". Just to be safe, I've started practicing with my right hand floating freely above the strings.

Any opinions about this subject?
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There really is no "right" way. As long as you're comfortable, feel no pain, and it doesn't get in the way, then your good.

Besides, I've seen Michael Angelo Batio do the same thing, he cleary has no problems
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Yes, it's bad technique and can lead to problems with your hands due to it causung unnecessary tension.
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Well, people feel pretty strongly about anchoring here, and there have been some very long debates about it to the point where threads that went on about anchoring used to get locked by the mods due to the sheer redundancy.

Basically, very short version - its a trade off between having more control when picking when you are centered around a few strings, and having less mobility when you need to move around a lot with your picking hand - since you have take the kickstand (good description btw) up and set it down again. You tend to not develop the control quite as well since you have the anchoring to help you. The great players that do anchor such as MAB have gotten good at anchoring and unanchoring when they need to move around without it throwing them. Personally - I'd stay away from it - it will take a little longer to develop the control, but when you have it you will have the control AND the mobility.
Thanks for your quick response, guys. Looks like I got answers from the left, right, and middle, heheh.

I'll probably practice with a free hand for the time being.
Um... Guitars are cool, and stuff...
I've messed around a lot with anchoring, and I anchor with my palm, just like in palm muting. It mutes the strings, and is a lot more comfortable.