Hi there,
I need a new acoustic guitar. If you had the choice between a Taylor 210 and a Guild GAD-25, witch one would you pick ? The two guitars are sold at the same price , $650, they all have a rigid guitar case. I tried the Guild this morning and i like it very much. I'm a small person and I like small guitar necks (i dislike the thick neck).

Do the Taylor also have a small neck ?

Which one would be the best choice for you ?

Thank you very much !
for me the best choice would probably be be the guild, but the two guitar sound very different - if you've played both and prefer the sound of the guild, there's no reason not to buy it. i like the sound of the GAD-25 enough that it made me check out more guilds. also i liked the feel of the neck and of the gloss finish. on the other hand, unlike a lot of people, i prefer the sound of the taylor 100 series to the 200 series.
They're both solid brands. I've was raised and learned on Guild acoustic guitars and they have all had great, full sounds. I can't comment on Taylors other than I know them to be good guitars.
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I thought you were stuck between Martins and Normans?

Just a friendly tip: the mods tend not to like "versus" threads. That said, if you're looking for a particular sound, feel, etc. we can help you narrow it down, just tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you out.

Well, we only have a problem with VS threads when they turn into hate threads. Otherwise, a comparison like this between two guitars is fine.

Personally, I would go with the guild. Generally, I find the sound of the lower end taylors to be very one-dimensional and boring.
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Well these two are very different sounding guitars. Taylor is solid top only which is sitka spruce. Guild on the other hand is all solid wood, mahogany to be exact, also if you go over to sweetwater.com that guild comes well under Taylor's price. I have been researching on this Guild model, want to get an all hog guitar for my next one. Seems it mostly has favorable reviews.