I'm really into early UFO albums such as "UFO1" and "Flying". Mick Bolton plays lead guitar, but since fourth album (Phenomenon) he was replaced by M.Schenker. And there is my question: Where is Mick Bolton now? Did he made any other albums, with another band?

I've found only this: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Mick+Bolton
I also really dig UFO 1 and UFO 2 - Flying. Really nice stuff. And I absolutely have the same question as you: What happened to Mick Bolton?
If you ever find out - tell me.
m.schenker is slightly better,end of discussion....ok you really wanna know where bolton is?....my bed! rofl.
@CAGEDtheory: Comments like this are totally senseless - keep them to yourself please.
Mick Bolton had a unique style - dark, spaced out - special. Schenker may be a better player technically (and I even doubt that) - but after Mick Bolton UFO produced nothing than standard, boring, uninteresting mainstream hard rock for the masses.
No... Seriously. There's plenty of information available about Michael freaking Schenker. What ever became of Mick Bolton? I can't find anything... Not even an obituary.
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That mentioned website from Jack Gao shows to me: "Website disabled". About the postings before: Really a miracle = M. Bolton played in a band which is worldwide well-knowned, and since 30 years nobody knows anything about their guitarrist? I lamost can't believe this.