I'd appreciate some help in identifying this 'Schecter' guitar. It just came up for sale locally

I haven't been able to contact the seller. One wonders about some folks and their ads. This is listed as 'Schecter'...no other info.

Thanks for any input.
looks like and older c-1 elite
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Quote by barnesybaby
Pretty sure its an old Schecter Omen-6 Extreme

Might be. I have an Omen Extreme 'Deluxe Edition' and there is a single 'black' pick up under the two humbuckers.
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Quote by machineslave
looks like and older c-1 elite

There seems to be a lot of variation in that series. Some have covers on the pick ups..not sure about markings on the Fretboard (other than dots)

(is it just me or has UG gone crazy with ads...everytime I go to type it's aggravating to have to close a distracting ad)
@Raptorfingers; If you look at the Schecter C-1 Plus, which is the nearest C style equivalent you'll see it has 3 knobs and a switch opposed to your 2 knob style, which is the config of the Omen series. Also the C-1 Elite i think always had abalone binding.
True. I agree it is like an Omen extreme. My Omen Extreme is very similar but not identical.

Well, if it is, it's a positive. Of my non-Fenders, the Schecter is one of my favorites to play...only behind an Ibanez SZ 720. I've only ever played my Schecter and don't know if the quality of others is as good or I just lucked out.

Bottom line...I'll try and get this second Omen at a decent price.

Thanks for all your direction on this identification.
It IS an omen 6 extreme. I have that exact one, except I've put EMG's in mine.
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the fellow just contacted me.

Yes, it's an Omen extreme...special Edition. I have the same except for a slight variation in color of the lower pick up (mine is black). I can probably get this one for $200 or so. I paid $250 for mine but it came with a Boss E-20 multi effects pedal.

Anarchy re the EMGs...I have them in a BC Rich Bich Metal Web and they 'ROCK'. The BC Rich pick ups are fine, I have them in a Rich Afterburner...but the EMGs top them.
i thought c-1 plus because of the vector inlays but c-1 plus has an inline pot layout.
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This thread is almost half a decade old. And the question was answered. And the OP has since been banned.
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