Hey all,
I have recently just discovered that i can run an adapter from my computer to my guitar cable to my head on my halfstack. Thing is well ... its awesome lol. I was just curious if there are any ill effects from doing this to either my head or my cab. Obvously i could blow the speakers but how bout the internals of the head? Its a valveking btw(tube).

Thanks for any input.
So, you're playing the sounds from your computer to your guitar amp?
it is very much possible to damage something. how exactly are you hooking everything up? that makes a huge difference in knowing if it could be an issue.

for example if you are going from the speaker out on the amp to the line in on your soundcard, you could blow your amp and your soundcard. if you are running from a line out on the amp to the line in on your soundcard, you are probably ok.
The way i have it set up is the 1/8 jack adapter into my headphone jack on my computer into the guitar cable into the normal guitar input jack. Basically just replacing the guitar with my laptop.
ah, i thought you were going the other way, so amp into the computer.

ive done that before, and ive never thought it sounded good. guitar amps sculpt the sound quite a bit, which can be bad when just running music in.

always possible to screw some speakers with too much low end, but i doubt it will really mess up your amp. i wouldnt do it even so, but thats me.
Its pretty much a beast loud stereo system thats why i think its cool.

I played alot with the preamp eq on my computer and it didnt come out too bad
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The low frequencies from the music will tear up the guitar speakers. STOP. Guitar speakers aren't made to handle lower frequencies. Thats why you can't play a bass through a guitar amp safely.
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