hey guys
i've searchbared and got loads of similar threads but idont want to necrobump so

so i recently started going into some more advanced stuff like Baby freeze!
im now polishing and adding different switches to it

however im not good at it and im new to it. ive done robot/buckthead knida stuff or moonwalk and stuff a lot in my life so that's pretty much ok to me but i want to get into it.. get better yknow

so my question is what's the best thing to start the b-boying stuff from?

and also my baby freeze. y know i dont "stand" on my hands but rather on my fists (hands folded into a fist :p ) so would it hurt my hands or something? i mean i dont feel much pain but i dont know if putting all my weight on my hands/fists would damage my hands and than affect my playing??
I'm not a b-boy myself, but i usually hang out with all the b-boys at school (mostly Asians and Hispanics). They've taught me some stuff, and all I know how to to is a carape, hanglide freeze, six step, and handstand :p
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I'm a b-boy and what is this...
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