Hey guys.
I got together with my best mates today and we formed a band. Well, we formed a while ago, but today was the first time we got together. So, we made our first recording, so would you mind taking a look if you have the time?
We went up to my friends house and decided we'd make a cover of our favourite song that we can play together, Enter Shikari - Enter Shikari.
Im on the guitar, (G400 with Roland Cube), drummer, me also on bass (bassist was at a wedding), and another friend on vocals, recorded with a £1 mic from poundland we got today, especially for this purpose, so its obv shoddy :P
Any crit would be helpful, aslong as its not too nasty, or YOUR VOCALS ARE S***, because we know.
Thanks all
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Edit: i know theres some mistakes, and the synth was added in later on.
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