Ok i have $200 to spend. At guitar center they have a 30 watt and 75 watt peavey vypyr. The 30 watt is $200 and there's a used 75 watt for the same price. You might be thingking, "Go for the 75, duh!", BUT theres one thing. the 30 watt has a 5 year warranty from peavey for free. The used 75 watt has only 1 year warranty and you have to buy it for like 20-30$. so which one? is the vypyr good to trust?
if you need the extra watts, go for it. If not, go for the 30.
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I own the 30W model, and I can safely say it's enough. If you're ever in a situation where you need to perform at a large venue you can always mic it or hook it up to a PA system.

EDIT: As far as the reliablility of the Vypyrs, I have had no problems. The high-gain channels sound rather fizzy but if you adjust them right, they're not too bad. My only real complaint about it is the built in tuner - it's pretty much useless.
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i'm in the same situation as shred. I have the 30W I have never had it above 3 let alone at 14, its got a lot of power for a 30W