Hey guys this is my frist post here, I was wondering if you could give me some amp settings for Hendrix' Little Wing. I'm on a Frontman 15G : (
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Try bass 7, mid 4, treble 5.
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yeah, def. a fender guitar too? keep in mind he had a beauty strat, so that goes a long way. and dont be scared of some ample volume and bass, like he said, 7 should do it there!
just enough gain to add a sizzle, and volume up as loud as you can get without noise complaints, as well.
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You will have a hard time getting anything close to that tone with a Frontman. Small amount of gain, ample bass..I wouldn't turn your amp up very loud, SS clipping is not pleasant.

Honestly, I would just get the song down on cleanish tone that you like..With that gear you will have trouble emulating his tone.
the good news is if you poke holes in the speakers and crank her up you'll capture his fuzz tone perfect