There is no one thing you have to learn, you'll only improve your guitar playing by practising all the different techniques. i suggest either getting lessons from a qualified guitar teacher (or at the very least someone that you know who is already proficient) or checking out some of the lessons for beginners here on UG
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Chords for a start lol, when starting GET RHYTHM DOWN FIRST!
Good rhythm helps lead playing.

Many insist on Scales, if you do decide to learn some go for The Major Scale & Pentatonic Scale

That is the basics
Learn some chords, simple ones.

Then find a song you like with those chords in, if you can't find a song you like then you could make up your own song OR learn a song you dont like (we all have to do that at some point )

If you don't understand this information check out a beginner guitar lesson on youtube, we all start from the easy stuff, don't get bummed out by it
Yeah i bummed off chords when i first went off on my own
and thought i was hard strumming all the songs i could find
then i discovered the powerchord
that was a good day
I s'pose it depends what you listen to, i started off with lots of indie and soft rock in general which explains the chord bashing
I got into metal and blues in year nine which taught me how to play riffs, as well as improvise and write solos
I suppose depending how you learn you can get better at different levels
just learn about music in general you'll gradually find you way through