so what's your favorite kind of pickups i have a RR jackson with seymour duncan humbuckers (i think) but id like to try the EMG pickups, which one is your fav kind of pickups???
81 in the bridge 60 in the neck

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81 in the bridge
85 in the neck

you could try the X series, never tried em tho
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85 & 85.
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Well, depends on what sound I want to achieve and what amp is being used. EMG humbuckers, imo, only make sense if you have an amp with medium gain levels (typical example: JCM800) and want to push it a bit more, perhaps in combination with a booster pedal.
For any other applications, I prefer passives most of the time. The EMG single coils are yum though.

Favourite pup personally: P-90s. Preferably ones with relatively little output.

Um... are you looking for advice or pup suggestions or anything?
81 in neck is pretty good. I haven't mixed them in bridge.
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81/60 is the only one I can really stand, more the 60 then the 81. I've never been a huge fan of Active EMG's.. Though I honestly really dig the passive HZ ones. They just sound so much better, to me. Personal opinion, so FLAMESHIELD (If needed)