i just bought a second hand music man stingray from guitar center, perfect condition, played it for like an hour at the store with no problems.....get it home, play it for a few minutes, turn everything off, go get a drink, come back, no noise at all.

tried replacing the battery and using a different cord....nothing, plugged in another bass to play and the cords are fine.

i can hear the crackling when i plug it in there just isnt any sound, any idea whats up with it?
the contacts on the input jack may have bent out of place. open it up and have a look.

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look if the wires have become unattached to the jack.. if so and youve never soldered, save yourself time and effort and bring it to repair right away
took it to my grandfather (guitar player of 40 years and does all of his own repair work) said the soddering was fine on the jack, if its any correlation, my tuner isnt even picking up anything from it.

gonna take it down to guitar center where i bought it and hope they can fix it (and they better do it for free being as i owned it a full 2 hours before it went).

cant beat the fact that i got it for only 950 with a hard case. really hope its not a big deal