Hi all, This is my first post in this forums and reason why I'm posting this is to get a light and understand, what is it like to have a guitar with no endpin, in other words, a whole in the end of my guitar.

Let me first try to explain to you the circumstances, I live in the middle-east Kuwait, and I love guitars, they aren't really famous in our country nor the countries around us. However my friend studies in America, few weeks ago he told me that he's coming back home, and I asked him to buy me a guitar, sent him the money. he bought for me a Martin 000x1. Now let me tell you, I am not an expert, infact i'm a beginner who is trying to learn and play guitars, few months ago I was in America and I bought myself a lovely Larrivee, I still have it, but decided to try Martins, so my friend bought that one for me.

he arrived and when I actually opened the case. I found out that my Martin with a hole, it was missing a joint, Now I didn't exactly know what is it called, and I still don't understand what is it for. I researched a bit, and found out how to install it, & that its called "End pin" some people call them end pin jack.

Now that my Martin is without a pin, ive looked it up. found out that most martins ship their guitars without the endpin installed for some reason, Maybe for safety. Thats ok, but here in Kuwait we have no guitar stores, no professonals in this lovely instrument, so nobody in here would install it to me, I looked into the case that my friend got for me to find the End pin, and no luck. There was no endpin in there, so now I also don't have that, and can't buy it from anywhere.

I must order it from america, get it shipped in here. and this would be costy for me, because its a tiny small thing, does it worth the shipping? you tell me.

I'm posting this to know few things.
1) what is the really use of end-pin.
2) can I leave my martin with a hole, aka. No end pin? or is it neccesery for me to install one?

Sorry for my bad english, its not my native language. Also sorry if I posted this in the wrong forums

& finaly thank you for reading.
The end pin is just for attaching a strap. You can play the guitar without one.
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