Been looking at 7-string pickups and the Air Norton has really caught my attention. Everything I've heard from them sounds great. Does anyone have one of these installed in the neck position? Any feedback about it?
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I've got one (6-string size) in the neck position of a Yamaha solidbody guitar and it is one of the best DiMarzio pickups I've heard. I imagine that the 7-string version is just as good.
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I've got the 6 as well, and it sounds pretty solid. I'll probably swap it with something new eventually, but for the moment it's perfect.

Set on DiMarzio? They make great pickups but there are a lot of companies out there. Just make sure to look around before you buy one.
When I had the Air Norton 7 in my old 7 is sounded extremely smooth in the neck position. Very nice for soloing and clean sounds in my opinion. I got rid of the 7 so I couldn't compare it to other 7 string pickups.
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I've got the 6 string version in my JPM, very smooth, I love it! It can get a little muddy though, if you use a lot of gain, maybe look into the Liquifire, its basically an tweaked Air Norton with a little more midrange and a little less bass, so it doesnt get muddy as easily.
Hahaha. I'm not set on any specific pickup brand, just seeing everyone's thoughts and experiences with this certain one.

Anyone have experience with the Duncan SH-2N7?
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i have the air norton in my the neck of my 7, and i agree with kylendm, it sounds very smooth with good sustain, it sounds great clean, just don't expect it to sound like an evolution or an emg, but a good pickup for sure

i have an x2n 7 in my bridge, so the air norton in the neck adds more versatility and compliments any pickup i could imagine quite well, hope that helps
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