i have a Fender Frontman 15watt ..volume, gain, treble, middle, bass... and i have a Boss MT-2 Distortion pedal. im looking for a System of a Down type sound. i get alot that sound good but i want some outside input
You're not working with too many parameters, your Frontman doesn't have much outside EQ, and I won't say anything about the Boss. Really it's up to you to tweak it yourself, and not be disappointed when you can't get System's tone nailed exactly for having cheap gear.
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i know the frontman is a cheap piece of crap but i know that daron uses a mt-2 pedal. he uses crate amps mainly and an ibanez iceman with a majority of pickups, alot of times seymour duncans. obviously everything comes into play when dealing with the sound but hell whatever
doesnt matter what pedal you use. through that amp it's only going to sound as good as that speaker will allow.

and that speaker is not good.

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yeah this^ pretty much, most of the time when you deal with cheap solid state amps they are very one dimensional as far a tone goes, you're not going to get a lot of variances from guitar to guitar or through effects like you would with a tube amp.