Marshall discontinued there DSL line of tube amps but i wanted to know about how much would a Marshall DSL50watt halfstack cost and how much a used Marshall DSL100watt halfstack would cost? (by the way if you didnt know when i say halfstack i mean the head and the cabnient
Donnell McKnignt
you can get the head off ebay for about 550 without too much trouble. As far as the cab your going to have to look around a bit to get a good deal. Don't concern yourself with getting a specific cab sold with the dsl (in fact i wouldn't even be super concerned about getting a marshall). Try to get a cab that has the speakers you want in them and doesn't look beat to sh*t. I managed to get my marshall cab for 400 (in really good condition) with these speakers in them


Just don't rush into a buy and you can get a good deal.
well honestly the price difference for the 50 watt and hundred watt (over the two month period i watched amps on line) was typically very close (withing 50 dollars). This is an extremely loud amplifier, although going to a 50 watt won't make a huge difference, it would be beneficial since it seems this amp sounds like poop below 1.

Just to give you an idea, i got the 100 watt for 500 with a marshall rolling gig bag (worth $70) and didn't have to pay shipping. You are going to need a good noise suppressor though, i recommend the isp decimator g string noise pedal. Its simple and extremely effective. Also, if you want to play metal/hard rock you will need a tube screamer pedal ( a regular t9 will do, all you really want to do is boost the signal of your guitar by turning the level all the way up on the t9 and putting minimal drive on).
Wow thank you! i didn't expect you to give that many information i was thinking about using a Boss NS-2 suppressor but i havnt heard of that one that you said and yeah i wana play metal/rock like a Randy Rhoads live tone/Jimi Hendrix kinda clean and dirty tone is about were im shooting at for my sound I was thinking about just playing with the knobs on the panel and using a MXR distortion + to sorta boost a little special kind of gain to the amp.
Donnell McKnignt
well really the point of the tube screamer is just to clear things up. Since your getting a legit amp that has good distortion your really really on the amp's gain if that makes sense. If i'm looking at the right mxr, you'd basically turn the (output/volume) all the way up and leave the gain @ about 1.

As far as the Ns2, I'd avoid it. Its a decent pedal, but the isp is the best noise suppressing pedal i've found (excluding the rack mounts stuff of course). I really felt like the ns2 cut into my tone, so yeah avoid it if possible. The isp g string (i know lol @ the name) is great because you can run it through the effects loop and in front of your guitar at the same time, which works wonders for the DSL since it can put out a lot of feedback on the highest gain channel

Its a great amp man, i think you'll love it because it is a very well balanced amp. You shouldn't have much trouble getting those tones, but as a word of advice,

keep the volume at least @ 1 when shaping tone
the mids are great on this amp, don't scoop them out (don't use mid scoop button)
deep button is good for low volume practice but can make things muddy @ high volumes
if you want a channel/reverb selector, go for an after market pedal, marhsall's are way expensive.

but yeah your on the right track for setting up your amp. Good luck & PM if you need help