so i cant properly intonate my PRS SE Custom with 13 gauge strings on them. The pack on the strings says for c tuning but i use drop B. Should i tune to C then try to intonate it? When i try in B the note is just always sharp no matter which way i move the bridge?
Hmmm you could try tuning to C and see how that affects intonation. I feel like a pussy for using 9s on my PRS

EDIT: why the 13s?
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How bowed is your neck now with the 13s on it?
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I've messed around with alot of guitars and tunings and have decided that once you go below
standard D on any guitar with 24 to25.5 inch scale useing heavier guage strings to maintain a particular tension,you will run into intonation problems,not to mention action,neck stability etc. all do-able if your mechanically minded and VERY patient,or,have a personal guitar tech.Best overall opition is buy a long scale(also known as baritone)guitar.These are optomised for down tuning,Ibanez have what they call the RGD series,6 and seven strings standard and Prestige level,so they start at affordable prices.
Yea i would get a barritone guitar or a longer scale guitar but i dont have the money right now. Just trying to figure out my current situation. thanks though
Intonation should be done at the pitch you'll be using. The bowed neck does throw off the entire scale to a minor degree . Think of it like dividing a string into notes on a straight line which is wha a guitar normally does then suddenly changing the line to a curve, the "step" frets distance has changed (shortened string length actually & raising the pitch as a result.
So straightening your neck out would be the first thing I'd try then try redoing your intonation from there.
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