Hi, I've just joined the enlightened community so hey!.Recently bought an 03 sunburst strat with californian body.Theres a problem with the middle pickup in position 3 on the switch,thats the middle pickup on its own.,the volume of theD string is about half of the other strings,tho not noticeable in combination with the other pickups.The pickup height is correct and the pole piece is not loose....HELP!!!!
That's odd. It's just one string where the volume dies?

Have someone who knows what they're doing look over the soldering. Although I can't imagine that being the issue with one string. I'm not sure exactly how electricity moves through the wires but maybe a part of the wire might not be soldered properly?

I'm just hypothesizing, I could be miserably wrong though.
That was pretty quick,thanks.Yeah I suspect its in the wiring or a fault with the pickup itself.

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I'd suggest trying to get someone to re-solder it (preferably a friend or something who has experience to avoid having to pay for it )

And if it's still a problem thats when you look into new pickups.

I hope this issue gets resolved soon, that must suck. :/