I usually post re-done versions of songs that I started writing years ago, but this one is different. I started writing this song a couple weeks ago, and kinda liked it so here it is. And by here, I mean in my profile. Crit for Crit as always

I guess you can call it sort of lite-rock or something. its actually a kinda bland, generic song in many ways. To start, it is a song about a girl. Then its got some lame bassline made up of pretty 2 notes per chord (hey, im still starting out on bass). Then weve got four guitar chords, and to round it out weve got the fairly stripped down drum track. Now, just cause its generic doesnt mean I dont like it or think it has potential.

So, if anyone has anything to crit about the playing, singing, mixing or any ideas on how to fill the song out I would be very grateful. I'm working on some transitions/breaks so any ideas on that front would be superb.

For those interested in how things are recorded/the gear, read on.
basic recording setup for guitar was SM-57 a couple inches from the speaker, a little outside the center cap. I may have miced the wrong speaker for the clean parts, so they sound a bit strange at times. mic goes into my m-audio profire 610, and using reaper as my DAW. The guitar, well thats the reason this is recorded. Is the Schecter C-1 Classic I just got. Cleans are a single coil mode and dirt is the bridge 'bucker. Clean amp is my blackheart little giant on 3W mode. Dirt amp is Jet City JCA 20.

Bass is kinda boring, though this is also my first posted recording of me playing it. It is an Ibanez SRX-500. Dont have an amp so it is just DI into the Profire. I dont think I did anything to it either, just used the active onboard EQ to get a sound I liked.

Vocals are my Sterling Audio ST-79 into the Profire again. It is a fantastic mic, too bad my singing doesnt do it justice. There is some EQ, compression and 'verb on the voice as well.
Not bad man. The songwriting is pretty good. I like the flow and the feel of the song. The recording quality is excellent and I can tell you put some effort into it. My main suggestion is that the vocals need improving. The song sounded pretty nice but the vocals kinda brought it down.

Maybe try to find another vocalist? If you can't then just keep practicing your singing - sing in the shower, play acoustic guitar and sing, sing along to the radio, etc. I used to be a god awful singer, like REALLY bad, but I just kept at it and now I'm not all that terrible. I've heard that vocal lessons are really helpful but I was too lazy to get them. Lessons are an option to consider but I don't think they're required to become a decent singer, if you're patient and you keep practicing you'll gradually improve.

Also I think you should add in a guitar solo. I understand the "lite-rock" mood of the song and I like it, but I think a guitar solo would fit in nicely at some point. It will add a bit of variation and make the song a bit more rockin' while still maintaining the chill feel.

It's a decent song though man, keep practicing your vocals or get another singer and it will really sound nice. And like I said the recording quality is pretty good so nice job on that. Keep it up!
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Not a bad song at all I definitely liked the chill mood of it. Singing wasn't horrible but kinda pitchy. Like shortyafter said just practice, practice is better than any vocal lesson in my opinion, I sing all the time. Something that will help you with your pitch, play any note on guitar, bass, whatever and try to match that note perfectly singing it in tune.

One thing I think could help the vocals a lot mix wise is to EQ the bass and vocals. The are mudding each other up in the mix. Dropping the highs in the bass and cutting the lows in the vocals should help this. Notice how clear the vocals are at the very beginning and end of the song when the bass isnt dominating, much clearer.

Guitars are very nice, I like the tone and goes well with the song. Lyrics are hard to make out in some spots, mostly in my opinion do to the bass and vocals clashing, clearing it up should fix this.

Overall cool little song, has good potential
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Like the others have said, the music is very well done. The vocals could be polished up a bit. A bit of compression, eq, and a touch of reverb could do the trick. Nothing too drastic though.

Overall, nice job!