Hey guys, my parents suprised me by taking me to GC two weeks early and getting a new guitar, Its schecter blackjack c-1 Fr, it atm has a righty trem arm tho, cuz GC had no lefty arms, anywhoo its a mahogany body, deep set in maple neck, 25.5 scale, JB/59 Set, OFR and it costed about 500 bucks but since it was a sale i think i got it for a bout 425 or 475, here are some pics, it was a great deal

It sounds Amazing, has some great squeals with its OFR that would make dime proud, The JB has alot of balls without sounding like shit, the 59 is powerful, and versatile, the 5 way pickup switch is where the guitar really gets its tonal varieties, there are 3 different ways to play the split coils of both pickups, I wish though that it had two volume pots with the push/pull like the 09 model, giving me even More variety, but thats fine, I could of gone with a tempest, but that would be no fun I think that distorted it sounds better than my Les paul thats 5 times the price (even tho they're very similar clean and distorted)
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idk about that trem arm, but Schecter Blackjacks are the real deal, I have one myself, and it never ceases to amaze me. Enjoy!
Nice, Sexy guitar. and $475?, thats a Deal, I gotta pay 750 for mine in a few weeks.
You belong in a museum.

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nice axe. Hope you love it as much as i love my Loomis 7, definately a fan of Schecters, great find.
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well idk how much u love ur Jeff loomis 7, but i love this thing to death, I even put in straplocks alrdy
Correction: the sale i got it for was 424.95 anywhere else i could buy that same floyd rose and maybe half of the grover tuners, nothing else