hey, guys, this is my first truly recorded song. i've been messing around with Reaper lately and decided to do a cover of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So". song can be found on my profile at http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/gnomieowns/ .

i recorded the drums and bass from GP5, but all the guitars are me. there are some mistakes, but i really wasn't shooting for perfect quality, more of just a demo/test of recording abilities.

also, the solo sounds pretty good, IMHO.

C4C, thanks in advance guys.
Great recording quality and playing! I think you should work on getting the timing right especially at the start, but apart from that the playing is fab! I love this song, and you've done it justice

Of course it woudl sound a lot better with actual drums and bass, but like other people (myself included), that can sometimes be hard to get your hands on.

God, i love that tone so much! Sounds great through my speakers, love it!
The harmonies at 3.20 sound perfect! Not much else to say really, keep it up!

Comment on mine?
What drum program is it? Sounds great!!!
I really like to listen to your playing, I can tell you can feel it not just play it.

It's very good.

My stuff is in my sig if you wanna check it.
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ank: yeah, timing is always somewhat of a difficulty due to how i record and the fact that my computer isn't *that* fast, but i try. i'll crit you here in a sec.

tr3nt: i basically solo'd the drums track in a GP5 and recorded it via the stereo mix into Reaper. same thing with the bass.

thanks for the comments guys!
I like the guitar parts. Drums etc need some work though. Great song.
With a good sounding drum and bass tracksit would be good, I mean the bass drum doesn't have any bass. But the guitars are all good and well recorded.
You did a good job overall