hey gang, here's one of my original songs called "Deleterious". it's a poppy electronica song with influences of Owl City/Postal Service. i tried to emphasize melody and have a catchy chorus. also, i borrowed Jordan Rudess' (Dream Theater) solo from "Overture 1928".

tell me what you think. C4C as always.
Hey sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the crit for my piece as well.

I really enjoyed your piece. I could see it being in like a videogame or something.. It had a nice feel. Pretty catchy as well. I liked the solo haha. Overall, very nice job. Keep it up!
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I really enjoyed this piece. It flowed really well, had nicely constructed leads, and kept me interested.

As for critiques...it may just be that im listening to your song through laptop speakers, but I can barely hear your softer parts, and your lead guitar 1 (the one with more gain and is less trebley) is too overpowering, which makes it difficult to hear some of the rhythms. Especially with the intro....really if you could find a way to turn down your leads on your softer parts it would probably come together a little better, but that was the only downside I saw to your song.

Wonderful stuff all in all mate. I will be keeping an ear out for any of your other works to come
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