So, I'm thinking of making some purchases of Black Sabbath albums and was wondering which albums besides Paranoid are the best?
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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
This. Any of them really. Master of Reality, Sabatoge, Mob Rules, Volume Four, Black Sabbath. Definitely the first four Sabbath albums (Self-Titled, Paranoid, Master of Reality, Vol. 4) and the three Sabbath albums with Dio (Dehumanizer, Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules).

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anything thats Ozzy-era Sabbath.
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Just buy the whole collection.
Sabbath albums tend to vary quite a lot, the difference between their first album (Black Sabbath) and their last album in the Ozzy era (Never Say Die) is quite striking and then the difference again with Dio or Martin on vocals is even more striking. So it's practicaly impossible to say which one is the best because they are all good in very different ways.
My personal favourites at the moment are Vol. 4 and Technical Ecstasy, but after being the singer in a Sabbath tribute for the past 10 years, this choice is probably based as much on me being bored of the more well known material like Paranoid and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath as it is actualy based on musical merit. But they're all good, just in different ways.