so yeah, i got a Jackson from some dude that sold it to me pretty cheap when i bought an AMP from him, and i wanted to see what year its from, and whats a decent price to sell it to a friend.
here some pics:
Looks like a Dinky
Has a reversed Headstock (thats what you call it in the us, right?)
heres the Serial Number
in case you cant see it very well, it reads 02050272 (8 digits)
normal dot inlays, which kinda suck
boring non-awesome Humbuckers (although they sound pretty good)
"Vintage Style" Trem.
Standard 3 way switch

it wouldnt surprise me if its fake or something, seeing i got it pretty cheap (id just be realy sad :'( )
and yeah, what can i sell it for, since i need money for a new guitar anyways (:

thanks for the help,

oh... then $100 should be good right? its in pretty good condition, excluding some light scratches on the front. o.o
are JS1s serial 8 digit? just numbers?