All of the videos I see for these kind of reverb, and even delay pedals, show pretty much clean channel to a light distortion only. Would distortion completely muddle the sound or could you still get some neat effects out of it?
Of course you can get great sounds with plenty of distortion.


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So even with good distortion the notes wouldn't interfere with each other? Because I don't want to be limited to just clean if I bought this pedal.
The Comfortably Numb solo has plenty of reverb and a fairly gainy lead tone and thats probably one of the best i've ever heard. So no, reverb doesn't always mess up distortion.

Although i will say that personally, i don't find a lot of reverb with distortion sounding that great on rhythm parts like chugging metal riffs.
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As long as you run the reverb after your distortion then it will be fine.

Distortion and reverb happens all the time, although as TOMMYB22 pointed out certain things don't sound very good with too much of it.
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