hey guys
oasis has a song called 'the quiet ones' and UG's got a tab here for it:

you guys see where it goes from Ddimº to an Em, i want to figure out a nice melodic chord to play in between the diminished to the minor but i cant seem to figure one out (pref something that sounds kind of descending).. the best i've got is a Gm triad (xxx333) {so we'd play D -> Ddim -> Gm -> Em}
can any of you adept musos figure something out for me here?

thanks a lot!
there's not really enough space to throw a decent sounding chord between them in that spot. as for having the bass note descending, it wouldn't work with that voicing of D° since the bass note there is the 3rd (F) and the next note below it is E.

if you played the D° as they have it with the third on top you could just release the D string but keep the other notes fretted (basically a D°7 with no 3rd) so you kinda surround the E before playing it. like xx3434, xx0434, 022000