the picked guitar playing is really nice in the beginning. the little bit of bass in there sounds great as well.

when all the instruments kick in it sounds good. it sounds a little unbalanced at times though. seems like the backing guitar (with the single strums) is panned kinda far left. main guitar sounds great and is ballanced well, but that extra guitar is throwing me off a bit. maybe have something simple going on on the other side so it evens out a bit, or bring it in towards center a touch (not all the way). doesnt sound bad exactly, just a little off or something.

i really liked the drums. they werent intrusive, yet had enough going with them to fill things out. some nice little bits in there for the transitions as well. vocals were good too. really liked them actually. during the beginning part i felt like there might have been a touch too much reverb on them, which was making them not pop as much. sounded great once all the other instruments came in though.

overall i really liked it. very solid track with some nice layers going on and everything sounded great tone-wise.

if you care to have a listen, green link in my sig is my most recent track.