Just received the metal muff.
So far I'm very impressed with its versatility.
With proper tweak it can do anything from rock to metal.
At the same time I'm surprised how my old Boss DS-1 sounds. It just sounds like metal muff with when the all the knob at 12 for metal muff, with less versatility.
Well but I have one problem.
The foot switch sound on the metal muff is TOO LOUD.
It's the physical clicking noise that always interrupt the recording .
The sound does not go into the amp. I mean the sound when you step on the pedal.
So is there a way to reduce it?
It's so annoying
Put some sort of thick-ish material underneath the click down part? But not so thick that it doesn't stop it from activating the pedal, just enough so it muffles it.
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Thanks for the reply.
It helps a little when I have some cushion put around the switch, but the sound is still loud enough to get into the mix.
Umm seems that not a lot of people have this issue.
Maybe check back at the store to see if you just got a quirky pedal that's too loud. Or maybe try recording at a higher volume.