Just got my peavey 6505+ head back from the "repo man" if you will and want to upgrade my peavey 4x12xxl i think it is to something better. havent decided what kind tho, not familiar with cabs. I like marshal cabs and mesas have a good low end and also sound good. Im looking for a loud good amp. Various tones in the vein of adam jones, rise against, seether, etc. Money isnt an issue, i save for quality gear.

The Avatar equivalent would be a 4x12 with 2 v30s and 2 g12-t75's. Great combo.

Edit: Marshall 1960A is a reliable route (lord knows how many people play through them). My only complaint about mine was that it was very metal sounding, so I put in 2 v30s in order to open it up a little.
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