Hey me and my band want to perform David Glen Eisely's sweet victory, but unfortunately we can not find any bass or drum tabs for the song, if anyone has the tab or can make it for me it would be greatly appreciated.
Pigs on the Wing
well if you tabbed it yourself, you'd be a lot better at writing original work since you could tab it from your head.

Plus you're only as accurate as the guy tabbing it.
That was a friendly comment above This is the Spongebob song yeah? Probably when it comes to the rythm section less is more with this one; I think it's just a case of taking it nice and spaced out,


A--5----3-5-5--------------3---3-1-0-1-1-/13-15 (ie slide to octave up)

Chorus (and guitar break)


I am missing a note somewhere on the end of the guitar break, but hey; that's just me tabbing
Thank you very much for your help, it is very appreciated.
Pigs on the Wing