I know I have another posted yesterday but I haven't posted anything in a long ass time so here is another I wrote today I don't think its finished but maybe it is let me know if it sucks


ankles chained to a weight
hands bound from behind
wind rushing past
ending with a crash
into the murk sinking
struggle into the binding
it holds tight!
lips beg for precious life
its only feet away
might as well be an eternity
it holds tight!
the final scream comes with vanity
the flood gates open washing away
expelling the essence of life
it holds tight!

I'm swimming now
hands and feet are unbound
suddenly I realize I've drowned
the kicks and screams come silent
and motionless violently thrashing
through nothingness
my conciousness is focused now
on the body in the murk
I see what was once me
buried in a watery grave
pale faced
eyes open
lips blue
a dim light shines on my face
the person once me erased
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