I had to redo this thread real quick because something popped up. A guy is running a recruitment contest. The winner of the recruitment contest gets to pick how the guy cuts his hair, no matter how ridiculous. I didn't know. So far I am in third with the 10 UGer's I've gotten over the last few days. If you guys help me win you can help me pick the hair do. Even if you end up not playing the game just making a nation and posting an application is good enough.

Disclaimer: I have gotten permission to post this from moderation. Because I am not selling anything or trying to move people to a new "music" forum. They said it was fine.

I am recruiting new UGers to join an MMORPG some of us have been playing for years. The name of the game is Cybernations which is a nation simulator/ political simulator/ war game kinda thing which doesn't take too much time to play. As a matter of fact you can log in once a month if you are busy with other things or come around everyday and join in the alliance politics.

Start by making a nation at http://www.cybernations.net

Then to join the alliance that I and other UGers are a part of go to http://gatoforums.net/index.php?act=idx and post in the How to Apply thread in the application area.

Since the alliance is a democracy we could potentially get enough people in to vote for the people we want.

I'll be there waiting.

I'd get rid of that if I were you. I know you're joking, but you will most likely be banned for saying that.




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Ah, I used to play something that was alot like this.
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