i like using the nanopad to make some simple beats and stuff, and meshuggah's catch 33 is one of my all time favorite albums. my buddy told me thomas used the drumkit from hell... so i'm pretty interested in trying it out..


i could use this with my nanopad correct?

and are there any similar beat manipulaters to the nanopad?

thanks guys
I don't know much about this nanopad stuff but I'd reccomend having a look into Slate Drums. They're seen as better than EZ Drummer DKFH by quite a few people here.
I use EZDrummer - the DKFH is an EXPANSION to add to EZDrummer.


here it is off sale


I have the DKFH and it works and sounds beautiful - not sure if it'll work with your setup or not but it should as it can be controlled by any Midi compatible controller - yours should be fine but make sure.

I program mine from a midi keyboard.

There's loads of addon packs to EZDrummer:


Superior Drummer is their newest full program (like EZDrummer) - supposed to be new & improved
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I'd avoid Drumkit From Hell or EZDrummer. It sounds fake

Get either Addictive Drums or Superior Drummer. Addictive is probably the easiest to get a great sound out of. Superior is great but a little tougher to get a great sound out of
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My nanopad broke, the pads started dying for no reason. My nanokey also broke down. I recommend the Akai MPD18, it's about $90 and it's WAY better. It has note repeat and a slider, and honestly you'll NEVER use that xy pad on the nanopad.
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