Ten thousand streetlights bathing me in artificial starshine,
driving along this road with all its lonely narrow white lines,
the rain is splashing down upon the tin roof up above us,
it echoes round our heads and envelopes us in mental darkness.

The window seals may leak but I can't afford any new ones,
I spent all my cash on you and going out with your friends,
I find it hard to say that your diamonds won't last forever,
I hope your smile does because its the one thing that I treasure.

You mean more,
Than life to me,
But I'm not sure,
What life means to me.

We were friends back in the past but then we had our share of problems,
The petty arguments a result of all the rumours we spread,
I know its stupid now but I hope you know that I mean it,
Sorrys are like a bridge and mine are made of glass and duct tape.

I'm sorry for my arrogance and all things that I held against you,
You were my friend through all the bad times and I guess I owe you,
The mention in this song is only passing and not too in depth,
I know its not enough and maybe you won't recognise yourself.

You meant more,
than life to me,
But I wasn't sure,
What life meant to me,

Put away the toys and sit down on the mat to listen,
I haven't heard those words for thirteen years and I don't miss them,
Though I regret some of the things that I didn't do with my life,
Life's too short to reminisce and we're all moving way too fast.

Coming to the lucky land is not something I'd like to repeat,
But now I'm here it seems that all I want is just to be free,
I've made enemies with my unrelenting British actions,
But I don't care because I really miss my true home.

It was my
Whole life for me,
But I'm not sure,
Where that leaves me.

You kept me,
from leaving here,
and I don't know,
If that's ok,
But now I see,
Because I stayed,
Your life's a better place,
And thats the way that it should be.