Does anyone know of any good and easy-to-play tune or song with all dominant 7 chords? I am practising the dominant 7 chord shapes and was thinking that it would be nicer if I am not just randomly playing the chords but a tune that I could enjoy along with.

You're not going to find many songs with all dominant 7ths - the main reason people use them is the way they lead into a major chord. They add movement and interest to a progresion. Likewise there's little point just practicing the shapes alone because you'll rarely use them that way, most of the time they're used as a substitution for a major chord in a bog-standard progression. Pretty much anything by The Beatles will give you some good examples of how to use them, Hey Jude's a good one, or simply choose a song you know and experiment with subbing in 7ths and see how they affect the sound, they might sound great or they might sound wrong - it all depends on what else is going on in the song.
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