Ok...I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to recording...I have no recording experience whatsoever and I've never set foot in a studio.....unfortunately...my band is setting up a studio and I need to know two things....

1) What's the use of a Pre-amp in a studio ?
2) What's the use of a MIDI interface ?
A preamp basically is there to raise or lower the volume of whatever the input source is. Every audio interface comes with a built in preamp (your inputs) so a separate is optional. Do you need one? Probably not. You won't hear much of a difference between going through your interface and going through a TubePre to your interface. Also, heres a great article on Preamps to read: http://www.tweakheadz.com/microphone_preamps.htm

As for midi interface, its basically any keyboard with midi in and out that you can hook up to your PC or interface to control Virtual Instruments and such. If you do a lot of work with synths, get one.
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