I'm debating whether to buy a Line 6 POD X3 or a POD XT Live. The advantage I see with the X3 is that there are more amp and stompbox models available compared to the XT. The advantage with the XT is the expression pedal and the footswitches, both of which are not present in the X3. I know I can buy an FBV foot controller for the X3, but that costs an extra 100 USD, and with that money I might as well just buy an X3 Live. My budget is only 400 dollars.

Is there a difference in the tone quality between the XT and the X3? Are the extra models offered in the X3 really worth it?

Thanks in advance for all your replies, I really appreciate it!
First of all...why not an X3 Live?

As for the difference, well the only real one between the two series is that the X3 line has a dual tone capability which can be good for stereo effects and a broader tone pallette, but as for model quality they are pretty much the same only that X3 comes with everything while XT is expandable. If you're on a budget go for the XT since you can get the expansions you need for 50 dollars and during holidays Line 6 does bundles where you can even get the whole set for that price, so if you consider the lower price of the series compared to the newer X3 you can get everything for even a lower price.

Plus check any ads for used XT series units, they're pretty sturdy so the chance for damage is low and you can find for half the price XT Lives with installed model packs.

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I have the XT live and it has more then enough effects and shit then you´ll ever need, but I´m considering the X3 live, only problem is the x3 live is plastic compared to the XT live which is alot more road worthy I think. The other guitar player in my band has the X3 live which he is testing right now so I´m waiting to see how it works with him before I put that kind of money on the table for another piece of gear that may or may not be worth it.
For $400 you should easily be able to find a used X3 Live on Ebay. They're pretty reliable, I wouldn't worry too much about the fact it was used. Same goes for the XT.

The X3 has a much more effects, but try to think hard about how many you're REALLY going to need. Most of my patches can be done with the XT, and if I had known that back then, I probably would have went with the XT Live. The dual tone feature is cool for a great live sound playing through your speakers or headphones. But for recording, there are other ways to layer tones; and in my opinion it makes more sense to layer them one by one. Truthfully, I also think that Revalver is a superior sounding alternative to POD Farm which comes with the X3.
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The thing that is going to be the dealbreaker (i think) is the tone-blending in the X3. How useful is it really? Would it be worthwile to get an X3 Live over the XT Live just for the ToneBlending?

On the subject of durability, I'm not going to be gigging much with the X3/XT, i'm primarily a bedroom guitarist. The reason i'm looking at the Live models is because I often change tones from clean to heavy even when I'm playing on my own. Also, it seems very worthwhile to have that expression pedal.

Thanks once again for your replies people, they've been really helpful!
note, the x3 is also know for being less reliable for the SOFTWARE, meaning it has a higher chance of crapping out for no reason, and i've heard both, i have the xt, if i were you, go for the x3, it has more options and tone shaping abilities than the xt, but is still decently priced, only like 75-100 USD more as i recall.

although, if you want something like this, i would also look at an axe fx, they are pretty much the holy grail of modeling and fx right now, though it cost like 3 to 4 times what the pod does...
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