Gear: Fender Strat, VOX AC30CC1

I'm looking for a OD pedal to boost my amp's overdrive during solos etc..
so far i have the TS808/TS9 or Boss BD-2 in mind, but i'm open to others as well - preferably <$200.

I wouldn't need it to push my amp into metal territory, more of a blues/rock tone. Artists i'm aiming for would be SRV/Hendrix/Pink Floyd/Queen.

Thanks for any input .
Boss BD-2 is awesome, you can get any amount of overdrive you want, from just a clean boost to a metally sort of distortion. I got one yesterday for only £15 as well!
Do you have any idea how loud you have to run those things to get them to break up?
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The amp has a master volume, so i pretty much have the volume at 7 and master volume near 1-2. The overdrive is great, though it lacks the extra punch(for lack of a better word) when i want to start a solo.

I'll definitely look into the blackstar stuff. Thanks a bunch.
Easy. Xotic BB Preamp. Mine sounds absolutely stunning with my friend's AC30. May want to look into an AC Booster or even some other pedals. But that's the one I can highly recomment with confidence.
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A treble booster sounds great with ACs

Yep I second this
Everyone with an AC30 says that the Crowther Audio Hotcake is the be all end all of OD pedals for their amp. It's pretty universally accepted that the 2 are a match made in heaven.

I'd give it a shot.