basically, I've got an impending GCSE solo performance, and I naturally wanna get the best marks possible. Any tips or advice? I've done one of these before, it was Californication by RHCP, and it seemed to go okay, but only that. Does anyone want to share their past experiences and dos and don'ts etc? any songs which you guys deem suitable to play for one of these things would be great. I tend to lean towards alternative rock but sometimes dabble in a bit of technical shred, although I'm probably not up for playing Yngwie! some ideas i've had are one of Pink Floyd's shorter songs (one part of ABITW, for example) or something by Pearl Jam.

any help much appreciated

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I'd like to do This Charming Man by the Smiths, but if you do GCSE music, you'll know that your own opinion doesn't matter much...
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GSCE was a piece of piss, I just did More Than Words by Extreme cause its a nice song, relatively difficult, and shows youve got the techniques too with teh tapping section at the end. (I got full marks )

What you want to do is show that you can play simpler stuff with good melodic interest etc as well as technique.
Well i did my a-level performance on guitar last year.
and my GCSE a couple of years ago.

what there looking for is something that is played well and covers alot of techniques (slides/bends/soloing etc)
so i used the rock school grade books which have pieces in there that are designed to cover everything.
for GCSE your looking at grade 4/5 played well.
I did one blues song and one american rock style song.

other than those you just need pick a song that stands alone as a good guitar part. stairway to heaven, hotel california, another brick in the wall, sweet child o mine. that type of thing.

RHCP probably aren't a bad choice either, but im guessing you need more than one song so make sure you pick something that is completely different to that.

hope this helps
they'll mark it out of 20 but if it's deemed to be above grade 3 standard they'll triple you'r mark
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they'll mark it out of 20 but if it's deemed to be above grade 3 standard they'll triple you'r mark

It includes grade three standard, or at least ours did. I planned on playing something fairly tricky to try and get the marks, then our teacher said as long as you play something AT grade three standard or above that, and play it well, you can get full marks. So I learned a grade three piece, got 100%.

For the ensemble piece me and my friends performed Dani California and got full marks too. So both pieces don't need to be too tricky to get full marks.
what does anyone think about 'Sunday bloody Sunday'?

thanks for all the help...
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Pick someone who's had a big influence on music, as you'll need to write about them (?) and yeah a piece that covers alot of techniques.

I did Purple Haze by Hendrix, which was a really good choice because you can write about bends, slides, legato, dissonance, solo techniques and the jazz chords like 7#9s etc. The great thing was that even my music teacher, who's a hardcore classical fan, knew who it was and could appreciate it. It's probably an idea to have the same sort of mindset about your exam board.
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