You're playing too fast, or in other words...

"It's slower..."

That's great man, loved the crunchy tone and legato.
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I didnt' notice much wrong with the timing, it did seem just a tad fast maybe in spots but overall was great. Liked the tone a lot and very good playing man. Overall very solid and well done! Love AiC and you just made my awareness of that song even higher, definitely gonna have to throw it on the Ipod.

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Killer playing! I love stuff like this - you weren't a robot, you weren't afraid to move about with the music... i like that!
The riffs here are amazing, you've done them real justice. Well done on your tone, sound really nice through my speakers (which are pretty bad, so it's hard to get a good sound out of them)... you make me want to learn this song now! I'll use your video to learn it!
Keep it up mate

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Wow, thanks for the comments guys, some great things said. I suppose I do get a bid ahead of myself in places and the verse riff can be a bit sloppy at times, its a hard one to keep up constantly.

Swayver, I left a comment on your profile and ankthebank, I commented and rated your vid.
Mmm, the similarities between Facelift and AFD are ridiculous, though I prefer AiC.
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When i was younger i used to pee in peoples shoes and blame their dog
Damn, I loved your tone! Really suited the music you were playing, and the playing was really awesome, as someone over me said, made me want to learn this song, was really fun seeing you play it! The only thing I have to like pick on, is just the quality of the recording. If I were you I'd try to get the song isolated, in my opinion it'll sound nicer that way, other than that it was superb!

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