I love palying the guitar, but on some days (normally once every 1-2 weeks) i get a day or two where i dont know what to do. I normally fill these days by going through riffs im practising, and exercises and stuff, but on these days, i just dont feel the buzz i normally get from playing.

I jsut want to know if this is natural, because i sometimes get the feeling that its not as good as when i started. Of course, the feeling goes away on days im hyped again, and i love playing again, but i jsut want to know if this IS natural, and if anyone else suffers from this
You can't force yourself to want to play all the time. Your mind needs other things to keep it occupied as well. I think this is perfectly normal.
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ah, that's good. i just wanted to check. sometimes, there's days i cant put the guitar down im that into it, but others, there's just notihng i can think of doing on it.
thanks man
It's perfectly normal. I get like it probably 2 or 3 days of every week. I just don't play when I feel like that, it's not good to force yourself into it. You won't enjoy it, and it will just seem like a chore. Play when you want, just make sure you enjoy yourself, that is what music and learning an instrument is all about, afterall.
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This happens to me all the time. Either experiment with a new style, technique, or song to respark interest.


Put the guitar down for a few days. I've done this before and when I came back I was so pumped to play I couldn't stay away any longer.

This is natural, just don't fight the urge to put it down when you want to. Forcing yourself to play is a good way to burn yourself out, and things won't get any better.
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your ear is getting used to the feeling that you put out when you play. try a new style, you also have to keep your heart entertained. that does also happen to me too. its not a big deal, youll have in a couple days, you wont be able to put it down..once more lol
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when you just get tired of all the effects and riffs.